Tuesday, October 22, 2013

nosy people and anger management

It had always been a concern to me when ever i ended up getting annoyed when i am questioned many times about random things. Initially it made my parents feel i wouldn't be able to maintain good relations because of my anger ,but what was the cause? was it just because i was not cooperating and was being moody all the time?
I was asked to take some anger management therapies and to even practice meditation,which i did. I did get a lot of peace of mind , and my concentration in studies did increase,but it dint really  serve the main purpose. On pondering over what went wrong, i realized the people who had questioned me had been very inquisitive in my personal matters,which i dint want to answer to them. it wasnt just me who would have  got pissed off,by the questions. i guess anyone else too would. But back then in school ,i was not so matured enough to think people would be so nosy in others affairs. and nor did i know how to reply back what was necessary and not everything i was asked. or to even be rudely straight forward to them  or not want to answer some questions.all this irritation did breed in me,and tickled all the hormones which get affected by anger.

Realizing how harmful it was to survive around such nosy people because they want to compare their progress in life to others in order to feel Good about themselves.Or may be nosy people aren't doers they try to achieve their goal of superiority without doing much effort. When nosy people hear about someone who became very successful they try to dig behind his success not to learn from him but to prove to themselves that he is not that successful or that he succeeded by luck. Again their actions have one purpose which is making them feel good about themselves without doing any effort.

I still feel the same annoyance when come i  across people who are very nosy and dig into my personal matters ,but i did learnt to manage the situation in a much calm manner. the book called "how to get over anyone in few days" is one book which helped me with it. it does take lot of effort and practical implementation to manage an anger free conversation with the nosy people though. but ultimately its worth the try not just for for getting over nosy people but one also learns the way to get along well in a conversation.
after all not everyone we talk are always nosy.


  1. You seem to write infrequently.I skipped the Hindi posts as I am not conversant with the language.
    Occasional anger for justifiable reasons is acceptable.But in dealing with nosy Parkers or gossips,it is always good to move away with a smile on the face.

  2. :) thanks for visiting my blog. I shall continue writing more often