Monday, December 12, 2011


What happens when a girl(s) gossip?

She would set the ball rolling.

What happens when a guy gossips?

The rolling ball would not just catch fire but also gain momentum, till it turns into ash.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Love you Maa - Sorry!

Sometimes I use harsh words at mom when I'm forced on some things. It is not that I am angry at her, but I want her to realize this cannot continue forever.
There would come a day wherein, I will meet...

...and even live with new people.

It would be a new path in my journey of life.
It would bring in new commitments, priorities, and when life would get more complicated. "And, when you say/ask for some things with the same old expectations from me, I may not reply in the same old immature manner.
If i am unable to do/give you what you asked for,I would rather stay silent, or may be not respond back on some busy situations which may hurt you more,than it would hurt me.

I will have many thoughts about you, Dad and Bro ( our good old happy family)dwelling in my mind and heart, out of the utmost concern i have upon you all; but i may not be able to express everything to you as i atleast do now..

I may feel it would unnecessarily disturb you, or may be hurt you, or it may even seem not to be of importance to you.

Whatsoever mom, i want you to realize one thing that you will always remain my greatest inspiration and the strongest support i have ever gained emotionally,morally and rationally.

I am sorry for all the harshness in my words to you, for all those endless arguments i had with you.
I'm sorry for all the fuss i create not to have the delicious food you make for me amidst the chores.
I'm sorry to make you panic everytime i go out and never inform you of the delay in reaching home.

These words of 'sorries' are never enough for all the mischief i have done, and nor are my 'thanks yous' through mere words gonna compensate all the lovely and only lovely things you give/do for me throughout.

One deep musing. Hoping you to read this someday, Mom.

Love, Archan.