Wednesday, May 12, 2010


'Life is a lesson,we learn it when we are through'. So true,for all the experiences it gives time to time. The happy ones make us remember the bygone days and the sad ones ,make us feel imprudent,the more older we get.

*Never allow somebody to be your priority when in fact you're just an option for them.

It just feels so good to fall in love but be sure you're ready to shed tears because most of the times, it hurts.Cowardly manner it may seem,but for sometimes, no matter how much you love someone,it is still wiser not to have that person back again..

* There is no falling out of love.The person you love(d) changes so much that you can't find them any more.

Bad mouthing about anything that you never experienced may one day happen to you when you'll have to contradict yourself.

Well-timed silence is better than an over-timed argument.

Every experience is good for life,the good ones are cherished.There will be a time when you would cherish the bad ones even more,as it will get you to something ever better than what you deserve.

* Happiness is like a butterfly,you try chasing it,the more it eludes you.