Friday, October 25, 2013

Manna dey's music is evergreen

Its sad to know we have lost a great playback singer who had done a great contribution to the Indian film industry with all his great songs. From " Yeh raat bheegi bheegi "  to " zindagi kaisi hai paheli" , every song has touched my heart with the lyrics it has and the emotions it had been sung with.
Among the songs i have heard till date, old Hindi classics have always made me relate the song with my mood and most of the old songs i hear to is of this legendary singer. Each of his songs are not just sung with a syncronising music but also has such deep meanings of love and life.
This is one such song with the depth ...
         रात गयी  फिर दिन आता है
        इसी तरह आते जाते है
        यह सारा जीवन जाता है

        इत्ना बडा सफ़र दुनिया का
        एक रोता एक मुस्कुराता है

        कदम कदम रक्ता है राही
        कितनी दूर चला जाता है
        एक एक तिन्के तिन्के से
        पंची का घर बन जाता है
         कभी अँधेरा कभी उजाला
         फूल खिला फिर मरजाता है

         खेला बच्चपन हंसी जवानी
         मगर बुडापा तड़पाता है

         सुख दुःख का पहिया चलता है
         वही नसीबा कहलाता है

Even though Manna Dey has left this world, he will be remembered and will live through the songs he has sung to the world.

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