Friday, March 15, 2013

An art so rich

As a kid I was always inspired by the old Indian temple art and architecture. Of all what fascinated me was the Tanjore paintings which has always been a possessed thing by any very well to do - rich family. (Maybe not, I feel so just for the way 'these' people talk about having given such a high price for a painting) whatever it may be.
I was so amazed for the clean and detailed workmanship of these paintings. The stone studded jewelries , the gold work, the highlights and shading of the gods had always been one form of art I ever wanted to learn.
Since I am a right brained person, I have always showed my creativity in whatsoever.
Like paper art, art from scrap,painting, embroidery, poetry, music; I always ended up giving an art attack to everybody at home. ;)
Finally when I was good enough at them, I decided to learn the art I always wanted to.
I learnt it and ended up with this.

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