Monday, March 4, 2013


Change is the only constant!

That is one famous phrase i have always used, from the time I had ever heard/read it somewhere. But how easy is it to adapt to the change?

Till this moment I always thought it was something very easy to do as long as one foresees the future situation,makes up his /her mind about frequency as to how much it would impact himself/herself personally. But is it that easy?
But now the point is, how good is the person good enough at making this judgement? Until he starts to experience the situation.

On having been a person who has always loved interactions with different kind of people in the different places you get to meet them, it is really hard to not socialize in the usual way as before. Likewise, it is even more difficult to force someone to talk to you when you want them to. Or to talk to them when you are in a least interested mood.

Now that would have sounded weird. But, how easy is it for someone who has been a big time socialite, atleast among the people around him/her, not to be in the limelight for days?

It is as bad as. Late. Benazir butto's who had been on self exile for nine years or Aung San Suu Kyi of Burma having been house arrested for 15 years or..  Why not?   Like the versatile actor Kamal Hassan, who was blamed for his movie viswaroopam, which has been one indian movie of good standards than the usual ones with a routine story line of the same genre any indian film of any regional language has taken. With an utter waste of four or five songs with a bit of annoying hip shaking dance which could be better shown. 

But I guess it isn't as bad or hard neither, for a socialite to be speak less. Perhaps, its always better to be less interactive than to give space for others to play a game called politics. 

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