Friday, July 20, 2012

Kakaji was 'my Superstar's' favorite!

His hairstyle.. His romantic movies, death scenes or his dialogues , no matter what it may be, he was the hearthrobe for all his fans -  Rajesh Khanna, the first superstar of Indian cinema who had won many women's hearts for all his romantic movies, is one of my favorites too. Though it is just a handful of old Hindi classics that I listen to,Kakajis songs have always been at the top of the list.. Gulabi aankein.. , Mere sapno ki rani, Gun guna rahi hai bawarein., Oh mere dil k chain.., Zindagi ka safar.. are few among them.

I have gained the interest in Hindi film songs from my Dad, who has always enjoyed listening to songs from the 60's and 70's. Those evergreen songs which cannot be compared to the present day remixes; and which is always pleasant to hear. I am glad my Dad has made a pretty decent collection of song cassettes listening to which, i have grown and learnt many songs. As a fact, i have never lost an antakshari competition till date, 'being a Tamilian', which many of my North Indian friends are surprised of (all credits to my Mom and Dad, who have always encouraged me to participate in many singing competitions). 
Many people have complimented me for my singing, i believe its my Dad's genes that i've got. During his schooling and college, Dad has also been a talented person, singing, mimicry, jokes and the list of hobbies 
(philatelist, numismatist etc). when it comes to mimicry, i like the way he imitates the veteran actors like Dev Anand, Shammi Kapoor, Rajesh Khanna.

Rajesh Khanna's songs have all been my Dad's favourite. I still remember those days back as a kid when i used to play a game of antakshari with dad and he would sing his all time favorite song to my Mom, 'Oo mere dil k chain...' from Mere jeevan saathi ,beautiful indeed.

Like others, Dad was also very fond of movies in his college days. Surprisingly, even now he remembers the movies as good as recently watched, the theater where he had seen them and with whom. Kakaji being one of his favorite stars,he has watched every movie of his.

A great loss indeed,but Rajesh Khanna has made a wonderful contribution to the Indian cinema and he still continues to live in our hearts through his songs and dialogues. Cheers to the legend.

May his soul Rest in Peace.


  1. I have a link for 18000 Hindi songs of all time greats including ghazals singerwise.Write to meat Your dad can relish whatever he fancies at a click of button.
    Thanks for the comments on reflections blog

  2. Very true....his movies and songs are etched in our hearts and his contribution to the indian cinema is unparalleled.
    Well deserved dedication! :)