Monday, July 16, 2012

I realise it when seen for myself,than being told.

I recently quit my job to spend more time with my family,as i am soon to be married and fly to the US. Having done that,these days I more often end up into an argument with mom. The more advices she gives me about marriage, work, my behavior or just about anything with which I could get a better understanding over many things to go about with, in life after marriage; I at times listen to her in my subconscious mind and give a quick 'ok!' , Or just tell her it wouldn't be a problem for me,and I would manage.
One such advice or rather a caution she gave me recently was not to have mood swings which would only make things worse for me. I as usual asked her not to worry so much about me,and I would not take any situation with my spouse to that extent and make it a bad experience to both of us.
Today,when I was browsing over the net,I came across few articles by Dr. Shantanu Nagarkatti, a Mumbai based renowned Surgeon and also known for his spiritual teachings.
Here is a link, an intreview of his taken by Ms Simran Bhargava who hosts the show 'one life to love' on NDTV Good times

His insightful film, "Who the hell thought of this idea called marriage"  shows the lives of two married young couples,and how they cope up with their marital issues. Having seen the movie, though it scared me a li'l, I actually realise how things could change over few years after marriage and even a silly issue can lead to a big destruction in the relationship.
Having realised,now my mom's words of concern shall definitely help me to prepare for the future.Nevertheless, each one of us will not know what lies ahead of us until we hit the waves of life at sea.


  1. I would always be guided by mom's words and my own perception.There is no better well wisher than her.Books are fine but nothing like battling out oneself issues, if any, as and when they crop up.

  2. Thats true Parthasarathi, just that sometimes we tend to be so sure for ourself that we dont really listen to what our parents say. it will only be remembered when we face the circumstances..

    Thanks for dropping by. happy blogging :)