Thursday, September 4, 2014

Today I remembered their talks.

There are some of my elderly relatives, supposedly my distant grandmas, in India, whom I would meet once in a while, on some occasions. They would make me sit by their side and talk about something, which eventually would take them through their memory lane and continue telling me their flashback. The first time I would listen to every bit of it with utmost interest, but my next meets with them would make me listen to the same stories again and again, as though the flashback was that of  my own. Yet, I would sit and listen to them, like my favorite song replayed umpteen times. It gave me a weird satisfaction as though I achieved something.
 To my disappointment, two among these people hardly recognized me on my last visit. They are dementia patients.
I somehow feel good for having listened to them, then.  I am guilt free that I dint avoid them or make them feel like they were boring.


  1. I think you doing great to honor their love and affection to you by listening to them despite the same being recurrent. It's always nice listening from elderly people. I like it. Thanks.

  2. You will always cherish the memories of the times you listened to them .
    Sweet post ...