Monday, September 1, 2014

one minute friends

On a crosswalk I met this Indian girl..

Indian girl: are you from India?

Me: yes! (With a smile) which place are you from?

Indian girl: Hyderabad.

Me: me too (smiles)

30 sec passed...

Indian girl: how long has it been since you are here?

Me: a year and a half. What do you do?

Indian girl: I finished bachelors in dentistry in India, i came here with my uncle three months back and now I am doing an internship here.

30 sec passed..

We crossed the road and posted or ways.

Few days later coincidentally we meet the same way.. On the crosswalk, I was late for my bus and she was late to her clinic. 45 sec we knew each others fav. Restaurant in Folsom,  my career goals, her career goals. It's was funny that we spoke so much in one m minute, and yet don't know each others names


  1. So, there is a reason to meet next time. Ask her name next time and know further.

    1. Haha.. :) I should. Thanks for your reply, sangay! I don't see you hanging a blog page. Why don't you start one? :)

  2. Hope you meet again ...might be the start of a 'blooming friendship "
    Smiles ...