Friday, February 26, 2010


Most people these days are so busy that they hardly have time to even think leisurely or may be they think about so many different things at a time that when it comes to talking,it would turn out to be utter crap,for instance lets take my friend,N who forgets things told to her in less than 24 hours and says one common answer,"i was thinking about something else".
A couple of days back i was also in the same situation,but it turned out to be the best joke in the recent past among friends. I was seriously narrating the story of 3 idiots to one of my friend who was listening to me with utmost interest during which i suddenly said 'aquarium' instead 'ambassador'. She was weirdly gaping at me with a "what are you talking???" expression. I realized the mess i had made in the whole situation i was narrating and laughed my gut out almost the whole day thinking of it. I was telling the scene when kareena's pregnant sister was made to sit in the ambassador car instead of which i said aquarium,probably i had also been thinking about feeding my fishes.
But atleast the whole thing turned out to be something thats laughable,whenever thought about.


  1. It reminds me of my partner who is always forgetting things and names.... But multitasking s not my cup of tea...

    Reminds me of students who learn practicals listening to music...

  2. Mmm...More like multi-thinking...Or passive-talking... ;)
    Thanks for your comments on my blog. :)
    Happy Holi!

  3. hehe aquarium was awesome usage :P..thanks for your comment on my blog

  4. so the outcome of the interference of multiple thoughts at a time was a humorous joke :P

  5. @ kochu... thanks doc :)

    @ suresh kumar.. multi tasking is not my cup of tea either,its just that it sometimes happens without our noticing our actions.

    @ Asley... he he passive talking,indeed :D thanks to u too for pouring in.

    @ani_aset.. :) u r welcome

    @ suree... yup,it was humorous he he he..

  6. Another good one.
    Well, i don't knw abt multi thinking but yes many a times while writing notes for my lectures i often end up writing something else than wat the professor had said. :)