Friday, March 5, 2010

Judging a person

They say it takes years to build a persons character and of course its practically also true. But there are some people who lose the same within no time,coz of their indecent acts and immature talks too.
There are people i know who have lost their respect,their prestige,in others eyes. Their behavior or may be their naivety is the something that reflects. But there are some people who lose their respect by others misjudging them,where some are judged with their looks or the way they present themselves while some are judged as per their habits like drinking,smoking and sometimes the reserved nature too. But is it right to come to early conclusions about people before even approaching them and trying to know what kind of a person he/she may be?
A good old friend of mine who works for a corporate and also is doing some diploma course was sad,as she had not got a merit percentage in her exams while her classmates had all got 90% . Her problem was not the percentage of marks but the other people around her think she is weak and not at all good at the subjects. I adviced my frnd not to take those people so much to heart and that its certain for anybody who manage work and studies simultaneously,to get an 'ok' %. and moreover She being the youngest among the lot and the only person who is earning her own pocket money,the others might also envy her at the same.
According to me,a person who works besides the continuation of their studies obtaining a pretty decent percentage holds an upper hand than a person who just studies and boast about his/her high marks.
If anybody has any good advice or anything to share regarding the topic please feel free to comment.


  1. tell her to stretch her own self to the limits and then she will surely be excellent at managing multiple things. Adversity i feel is good, it helps you to stretch and hence become better

  2. Yes, the character of a person is built over years.But it is the outcome with is based on the environment which he/she has grown up , friends,and so on.. All these determines the outer character by giving limitations to one's inner character. But during some circumstances/situations,these limits are crossed.At this moment we may loose some people who are closer to you also or this can lead to a very +ve change in you.

    And regarding the % marks.. that's the outer character..we just have to show some situations which help her inner character to cross the limits.

  3. terrible at i rather not speak!

    but then, what's wrong with drinking? :o

  4. @ ani_aset... ya.. i gave her the same piece of advice. :) thanks..

    @ suree.. Thanks for ur advice. :)

    @ Blunt edges.. theres nothing wrong in drinking,but since its believed to be a bad habit in our society,people would obviously be a li'l cautious that since he has this so called bad habit he might be a bad person at heart too and would do no good...
    anyway,thanks for commenting :)

  5. Hi Archana,

    This is ur first post i am reading, and i could make out that u r a very straight forward person. (do tell me if i am right)
    Now abt ur writing style- loved it especially the crispness in the writing. u have choosen a topic wich almost all of us have faced but never really talk abt it. People r always judged by others in a sec, and 99% of the times it is just our perception.
    Keep posting.
    :) Nithya

  6. @ nithya.. Hey.. :) first of all thanks for visiting,pls do again :) yup i can be called a very straight fwd person but not in a way which would hurt someones sentiments or beliefs.
    Indeed,perception is wht mostly matters,but not just oneself's but others too.. to a certain extent. :)

  7. Some r judged by good blogs, like u. :)

  8. some how..I feeel it's not about the person who's being judged but the person who judges matters..
    how we perceive a person's character in our way..