Wednesday, February 24, 2010

On dialing the wrong number.

Mom being a high school teacher handling tenth class,she had to contact one of her tenth class student for some information. She dialed the number that was saved in her mobile with the name Sheshank and when the call was answered from the other side,mom said she was his class teacher but the reply from the other side was not what mom expected it to be,but after sometime the person who din't happen to be the same Sheshank whom mom wanted to contact,said he remembered his Hindi teacher by the name and greeted her. Mom was surprised and cut the call saying it wasn't the same Sheshank she wanted to contact. Later in the evening when i was back home from college,mom told me the whole thing and asked me who that person was. I then realized that the person whom mom spoke to thinking it was her student was actually my cousin brother's friend from whom i had taken some guidance regarding the best management colleges in city and had eventually saved his number in mom's mobile which i had totally forgotten about.
Mom was a li'l embarrassed,though i had a hearty laughter at the end. :P


  1. @ blunt edges... yup,its funny indeed. :) thanks for visiting my page.

  2. lord..u r voraciously updatin de blog ha ;) coool

  3. he he he.. :) btw nice display pic,doc...