Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The worry that worries me of all the worries

As confusing the title might seem, is my confused mind. I always have a bad habit, I rather call it a weakness of pondering a lot about too many things that happen around me or in the world

I watched this animated movie called 'the wrinkles' about the way life is for the old people, their survival in the old age home and so on.

Here is the link for the movie.

 It made me cry!

There are people in this world, who are too busy to spend time with family, especially with parents. When parents get old that is when they want their children to be by their side, spend some time with them, talk to them, care for them the way they did when their children were small.
But some people, don't have time for all these. They would rather send their aged parents to the "senior's home", thinking that is a better place for them; thinking that is a place where they would get better care; friends of the same age to talk to. But is this the case?
The movie speaks it all..

Like any other commercial business, even old age home (some private ones) have become one of the kind. They all definitely have the amenities, all the luxury, may be even a swimming pool and spa for the seniors apart from fitness centers etc.But there are some senior living communities which have these facilities for an eye wash. May be there isn't even a proper trainer appointed for these jobs. Though there are some good senior living places which have all these and are even very friendly, but are these people really here for these pleasures?

All that the aged parents might ask is for their children and grandchildren to be with them, and spend a little time from their busy schedules with them. This happiness cannot be got from anybody else apart from ones own family. It is cruel for some people in this world to sent their own parents in care of someone else without taking any responsibilities.
Even if they do send their parents to a senior living community, one should always call and even meet their parents at the old age home everyday to keep them happy and make them feel they are cared for by their children.

This worries me, for I know of people who are in such a situation.

I fear of what may come tomorrow, when people who go abroad for studying, working and settle down in the foreign country for various reasons , and their parents back in the home land who may not like it there as much, or not willing to leave their mother land...

This is the worry that worries me most.


  1. Thanks for your visit Archana, for some reason, your paintings didn't open in your other blog, look forward to looking at them.
    True, life now is mechanical and most are running after goals that may or may not materialize. Old parents have taken a back seat. I take care of 4 of them, my parents n inlaws. That paves a way for my future as well since my son is observing me and learning that this is the way to go. Not to forget my mom who took care of her father till he was 92 and I took a lesson there!

    1. Hi padmaja, nice to see your comment. :) There is some problem with posting the photos on the painting blog, i will try and upload the pics again.

      Its feels good to know you are able to take care of both your parents and in-laws amidst all the multi tasking. definitely true, that kids tends to live their life as they grow, by learning from what they see of their parents do.
      It is wonderful.

  2. I agree with your views Archana & with Padmaja's comment above.
    There's even a Hindi Movie- "Jaisi Karni Waisi Bharni" (meaning- As you sow, so you reap) that highlights the same.

    1. Thanks anita. :) I shall watch the movie.

  3. It is a difficult topic and a difficult social issue. As we grow older, we do end up having to make very difficult choices.

    1. becoming one of the biggest social issues is what scares me.. :(

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog Archana........ have a great day :-)