Thursday, June 12, 2014

Some songs that make me write!

Its  surprises me how an old hindi classic app ki nazron ne samjha has led me to this thought about life.. This song is apt for the lover affair i have with life.. for all the wonderful things it has gifted me with.

Check out my poetry/lyrics blog - I Write, to see what I came out with.

There are some songs I listen to and get carried away with its lyrics. With such deep meaning, that I can relate it to my own life, becoming one with the music..  It makes one cherish their memories, forget all the tension in their mundane life, and enjoy the song with the such intensity, like having attained nirvana

Like I had quoted on my Quotation blog - My Scribblings!  "Meditation and Music together makes an effective pain killer"

It reminds me to enjoy life the way it is.
There are times when things don't happen the way I wanted it to, or times when I feel bored, or may be  just warming my couch day-dreaming about the most absurd things in life, but to my surprise, these are the days I listen to some of these audible energizers, I tend to have a buoyancy to do some of the most unexpected things that I least imagined to be possible by me..

Like Falling in love with Shreya Ghosal's  voice singing Chickni chameli which led me to write the Delicious Butter chicken recipe into a song.. Chickeni makhani.. 

Do share with me if you have felt the same listening to some songs.. has it led you to do something innovative?


  1. Hahaha.. heard it .. Chickeni makhani .. lol .. are you dhanush fan ? :P

    btw check your blog "i write" Some script doesn't working properly and also the comment form pop up !

  2. Hahaha.. thanks. :) no no.. im not a danush fan. Why do you ask? :)

    Ankur, see you are able to post a commenton my "i write" blog.

    thanks for letting me know :)