Saturday, February 7, 2015

How funnily creative, can I get :P

Since I decided to take a long two months vacation to India, and spend some time with my Parents and Parents-in-law and other relatives, I was  looking for good flight deals starting with the British airways site. It was pretty expensive.
But, what a timing it was.. me giving a gaping expression on seeing the expensive prices and my hubby uttering 'British airways'. I accidentally heard it as 'Beti sheer waste'.
We both laughed our gut out, at my mishearing.

And this even led to my first rap song ;)

hear it here

I am looking for a flight in British air ways,
From SFO to hyderabad, i wanna fly away

loading.. loading.. loading.. its makin me wait
I wanna cheap one, a fast one, a fair deal i say

loadin up and showing the deals - British air ways
Oh Ma gawwd! said my hubby, "beti sheer waste"


  1. That was so fun to listen too!
    Loved it ..

  2. hahaha... rapper in the house!! way to go sis! :P :D

  3. haha now thats very creative :P :D tickets or not, British Airways sure did give the house a rapper :)